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The day I wore this skirt, people asked me if I was going to a party, and well, not really... It was a “regular” day at the office. In theory everyday should be special, right? Well, this experience made me think about how many times we buy something and then “store” it in our closets waiting for THAT special occasion to wear it (...when I loose a couple of pounds, when I have a party, when I have a date... etc) and then, we have a bunch of stuff hanging there (even with tags on) and we don’t use those great pieces because we are afraid of wearing them out. Clothes and shoes are meant to be used, and I like to feel pretty everyday and being “all dolled up” puts me in a good mood. It’s like when we save our feelings because we are afraid to be rejected, because it isn’t “the right” moment or because we might be out of place... and then, when we finally speak out -sometimes- it’s too late. 

This skirt makes me feel like a princess, even on mondays.