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My Top Three Favorite Mascaras

A couple of years ago mi mom told me “beautiful eyes make people look pretty” do you agree? I’m not taking the risk so I don’t leave home without curling my eyelashes and  putting on mascara... it’s a basic activity on my daily ‘beauty’ routine. As I promise before, today is ‘beauty saturday’ and I’ll talk about my favorite products, not as an expert but as a frequent consumer. 

When I talk to my friends about mascara... I realize how difficult it is to find one that suits us, the one that works for one is a disaster in the other one and vice versa... “it doesn’t hold the curve”... “ it makes my eyelashes thick with annoying clumps”... “ it’s too expensive and doesn’t last long” and the list continues... So girls, when you find ‘YOUR’ mascara, attach to it... is a keeper! but, don’t hesitate to test new ones is good to have options too. Meanwhile I’ll talk about my top three favorite mascaras:

1. The Falsies Volum' Express by Maybelline 
One word: love! I use it daily... it’s my unconditional. The brush has a slight curve that helps you reach even the smallest of your eyelashes, and the ones at the corners. It’s light yet holds the curve, plus the price is quite accessible: Winner combo!

2.  Noir Couture Waterproof by Givenchy
One of the newest mascaras in the market, but it won my heart the minute I tried it. The brush is very different from the others. It’s a multitasking waterproof mascara that creates volume, strong curl, infinite length and complete lash care. The packing is gorgeous -as everything Givenchy creates- I use it when I have important events or a party just to feel pampered and ‘cause it’s perfect for my evening clutch ;)

3. Lash Queen Feline Blacks by Helena Rubinstein
I met this one like four years ago, and since then it’s one of my favorite mascaras ever. Everytime someone asked me for ‘mascara advice’ I recommended it. I use it when I go to the beach because it lasts a lot, it doesn’t fade and helps you maintain a great curve in humid weather and high temperatures. 

What are your top picks for the best mascaras on the market? 

With love, 


Alguna vez mi mamá me dijo “ojos componen cara...” ¿será? yo por si acaso no salgo de mi casa sin enchinarme las pestañas y ponerme rimel... es una activid