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Swarovski: The SS14 Collection And My Interview With Nathalie Colin


Everything started last September, when I was invited to Swarovski offices in Paris to take a look at the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection: a stunning building located on one of the must iconic and luxurious streets of Paris, Saint Honoré. I had the chance to take a close look to the pieces, try them on and even do a shooting with them, remember? Well, the cherry on the top was to meet and interview Nathalie Colin, Creative Director of Swarovski; she is an amazing woman with an incredible personality, the sweetest smile and an unbreakable spirt! plus, she is a shoe lover (as myself) so we clicked immediately and had the best of times talking. Nathalie, recently started with a new blog called Wink by Nathalie Colin, an amazing place were she shares her daily life. 

On this post I’m sharing exclusive pictures of the SS14 jewelry collection and runway pieces Swarovski created for the season.

I hope you enjoy the interview I made her:

Can you tell me a little bit about your insights of the new Spring/Summer Collection? 

It was a season were we really wanted to celebrate art. Art today is becoming so important, influencing so much design overall, designers and other artists from other fields, and it’s also becoming very open to the public. There are a lot of exhibitions, and artists are becoming celebrities; featured on magazines. So, it’s a very dynamic field that in terms of inspiration is fantastic. 

And the other subject was Africa, as generator of inspiration that it’s coming back to the fashion scene, also as an inspiration of terms of color, in terms of craft, plus a deep mix of crafts, rawness, gold and textures; so we wanted to fuse those inspiration all together and that’s what we did. 

Swarovski it’s worldwide brand, sold over 120 countries; so, how do you manage to make all the pieces alluring for all the diverse markets you are present? 

I have a very international team, so that helps me to have a clear overview. Second of all, we travel a lot, we travel quite often around the globe, and that helps of to focus on the market, on the different specifications, so we can incorporate in the collection. We also make a deep analysis, inspiration ‘mood’ boards, so we can have this global perspective. Then, I would say that when we have an specific market I’m thinking for example in China or in Japan, they have an specific demand for certain products, or certain style; this we add on top of the main collection, so we can have a very small capsule collection on top of the main collection for the local taste. 

What are your insights about the Latin-American and Mexican Market? Because, I know that one of the countries that inspired last years Spring/Summer Collection was Mexico... 

I think it’s great! I mean I have been three times to Mexico. First of all it’s full of energy, also in Mexico the artistic scene it’s quite interesting, also in Brazil. And I must say I felt all this vibrant colors, and the fact that women wear jewelry and they have this feminine and sensual attitude in a good sense: they wear jewelry with self confidence. 

And in a personal way, what it’s the piece of jewelry you enjoy the most wearing? 

Personally I wear a lot of bracelets, also big rings ‘cocktail rings’; but I will say for spring/summer 14, the absolute must have piece will be maxi earrings. 

I like that in your collections you are breaking boundaries and mixing gold with silver... Because, must people mix gold with gold and silver with silver, but now a days I’m noticing this trend of mix matching jewelry too. 

I think this is really the new way, and we are breaking the boundaries between what is fine jewelry and what it’s costume jewelry; Today, all frontiers are blurred, even some fine jewelry looks like costume jewelry and viceversa. So, everything it’s mixed and fused, we designers have more freedom to mix. Rose gold, started speak up last season and yellow gold it’s making a very interesting and strong come back; rose and yellow gold are also mixed together. It creates a very interesting visual texture effect. 

And now, a sneak peek of Nathalie's office...

 Nathalie Colin and I at her office 

With love,


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